Europa League final: How to get to Baku on a budget - by Race across the World's Alex Speck-Zolte

15/05/2019 17:17

Baku on a budget? Who better to plot this route to the Europa League final than Alex from BBC's Race across the World?

The challenge:The Europa League final - Arsenal v Chelsea - in Baku, Azerbaijan, distance to travel 4,000km (about 2,500 miles)No direct scheduled flights between London and Baku in the week of the finalGet there by 23:00 local time on Wednesday, 29 May, via the cheapest possible method


The challenger:

Step forward Alex Speck-Zolte - the 20-year-old star of BBC's Race across the World.

Alex and his dad Darron made it from the UK to Singapore the long way round, 12,000 miles over land and without taking a single flight, on a strict budget of £1,329 - and only a paper map for directions. They were competing against other teams to try to win the race and claim the £20,000 prize.

So plotting a budget route from London to Baku should be a doddle, right?

Below, Alex - who was a virtual travelling novice before his trip across the globe - offers his advice to fans travelling from England to Baku for the final on 29 May.

No smartphones or Google Maps to see here...

Step one - London to Dusseldorf... set off on 24 May!


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